How the West Was - almost won!

FIRST Team 1334 had stellar weekend in Calgary! We have played in each of the two years that this fantastic regional event has run and we and love it!  The venue, the Olympic Oval in Calgary, is one of the best FIRST has to offer.

After the first day of matches, we were presented with FIRST’s Imagery Award in honour of Jack Kamen. It celebrates attractiveness in engineering and outstanding visual aesthetic integration of machine and team appearance. We have been working on our team “branding” for some time and have been consistent in our ‘devilish’ image. Our team co-captain, Jess Y. has used her exceptional artistic talents to develop our displays and this work has been recognized again by FIRST.

On the playing field, we were almost able to successfully defend our title as regional champions, but fell to the amazing winning alliance from Calgary (FIRST Teams 4334 and 4719) and Stayner, ON’s Cybergnomes (FIRST Team 2013) in the finals. Second place was our best finish this year and we are so grateful to our alliance captains FIRST Team 5184, TITANICS and FIRST Team 5116 , Silicon Claymore – both from Calgary.

After the matches, we were awarded the Excellence in Engineering Award for our fantastic pickup and throwing mechanism.

If all that was not enough, the highlight of the regional was when our team co-captain, Connor Sparling was named as Dean’s List Finalist. Connor is the 4th FIRST Team 1334 member to win this very important nomination and we suspect that this may be a record! FIRST Team 1334 had so many worthy and talented candidates this year and it was difficult to chose the names to put forward.

In spite of our “red eye” trip home, we are energized and looking forward to the World Championships in St Louis later this month.


North Bay Regional Update

March 28, 2014

Today the Red Devils won four of the eight matches they competed in and came out ranking 14 place out of 36 teams!  One of our mentors, Pat Decker, won the Woodie Flowers award which is an outstanding mentor award.  Additionally, the team won the Entrepreneurship Award!  Tomorrow we have three more matches to compete in and hopefully finals!

Waterloo Regional Team Results

The Red Devils fought hard making it to the quarter finals! Most importantly, we won FIRST’s most prestigious award: The Chairman’s Award! According to FIRST, this award “honours the team that best represents a model for other teams to emulate and best embodies the purpose and goals of FIRST”. The Chairman’s award is bestowed upon the team that has “shown the true meaning of FIRST by having a large impact by the team’s participants, school, and community at large”. The Red Devils recognize the importance of this award and have focused much of their efforts in this direction so congratulations on this amazing achievement! The Red Devils are not only focused on the robot and how our team works together to come to a final and outstanding product but helping many other teams and communities get there too.

More information about this award can be found here:

The Executive Summary and Chairman's Essay can be found here: 2014ExecutiveSummary&ChairmansEssay



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New Sponsor

FIRST Team 1334 would like to thank Holcim (Canada) for sponsoring the team at the Bronze Level.  Holcim is a large building materials and construction company.  Locally, they own Dufferin Construction, Dufferin Aggregates and Dufferin Concrete.